Sino Satellite Communications Company Ltd. Retrieved 25 March

Based on Chinese DFH-3 satellite bus, SINOSAT-3 is developed to meet the growing demand of China’s media industry. Dedicated to serve the nation’s TV and radio broadcasting, the satellite carries ten 36MHz C-band transponders, covering China and neighboring countries. With EIRP exceeding 40dBW within the whole territory of the nation, and G/T above 0dB/K in all provincial capitals, SINOSAT-3 is to design to support high quality and reliable uplinking and receipt of media programs. SINOSAT-3 is successfully launched on June 1, 2007 from Xichang Satellite Launch Center aboard a Long March-3A carrier rocket, and will be positioned at 125° E.

ManufacturerCAST (China Academy of Space Technology)
Launch Date2007-06-01
Designed Lifetime8 years
Orbital Location125°E
StabilizationThree-axis Stability
Payload10×36MHz C-band transponders
CoverageChina and neighboring regions
Southeast Asia and neighboring regions≥ 36 dBW 
G/TProvincial Capitals≥ 0 dB/K
SFD-(75+G/T) ~ -(98+G/T) dBW/m2 (FGM)
-(75+G/T) ~ -(90+G/T) dBW/m2 (ALC)


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